Saturday, 29 September 2012


We were made in the image of God
And we have a really generous God
- Rommel

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Friday, 31 August 2012


I'm still awake at 2am
Altho i made a resolution to sleep early in january, then feb... Then for every month after that...
Nope didnt work...yet


Ok so anyway
I was in tesco today , shopping with Matthew
Was nice to spend time with my only blood brother
Bought some dresses, n stuff

Mom's going to vietnam tmr to visit Gloria...
I almost bought a cute tinydress for the arriving soon niece...
But i decided not to, knowing Gloria, she would scold me for spending
:) cant wait for the baby to arrive.... The third generation begins!

I am reading this book which i got from mph for 9.90...
So siao right.? Like work is not enough like that...

Oh oh... Danzity has two new peeps
Chris (my former colleague from gurney paragon) and
Venetia (this petite dancer girl i met years ago when the studio first started)
They are Godsent :)
I asked and He gave

Oh august was a good good month financially...
God blessed.... I happy until forgot to say thank you
So i made sure i tithe.... This year i want to be a super faithful tithing person
Earning my brownie points...

I also wanna go crazy over reading the bible...
Apparently there are some ppl at work saying that they wanna make a devil out of me .... Aiyo but i wanna be goodie two shoes starting now

No more clubs, no more shopaholic , no more cheating on prayer and quiet time
Anyway life is for an audience of One
If my Daddy in heaven's happy then thats all that matters

I saw the superdancer video from last year? Or two years back....
Well i watched it just now....on youtube,., fyi half the screaming is
Surprisingly i dont feel a tinge lf bitterness watching the former danzity royalties ...
In contrary i felt a sense of peace
And i feel Him telling me that i already did my best...
... Made me feel all warm inside..:) :)

And the next time the devil wants to make me feel bitter about anyone... I'll just pray that the lord blesses them more...
So try la to remind me... Imma pray some more...

Septemberis here ... 4 more months to next year...
I love this season... I feel as if winter is going to end for me and spring is approaching
If i kuai kuai , i believe spring will come sooner than later

Job at hard rock hotel is far so good
i have a very intelligent assistant manager, a fellow believing administrator
A big eyed chatty graphic designer, A very petite but vocal director
And a GM that says kickass and awesome...

Thisjob makesme feel like i can be better

K la... Signing off... Ipad has remaining 3 percent batt nia

Oya this is me spending time with my dawg...
His name is nitenite
I think i gave him a very unique name

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Saturday, 4 August 2012


She's the outgoing and i am the incoming
Was a priviledge to meet her and be Elisa's shadow for a week.

She's amazing and what she does :)... The position is an interesting one.
I pray that i do justice to it

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Location:Hard Rock Hotel

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I have always myself lucky to be favored by the hotel. Always nice to check in :)
Some me time ....

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Location:Hard Rock Hotel

Monday, 2 July 2012


I dont know anymore,...l really dont

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One night out

Yup it has been a really long time since i entered a club.
And so i did that night.
Felt sorta out of place

Didnt feel so good after that... not necessarily my thing anymore.

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